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    Information Domains > Technology > Identity > Identity Glossary
    • Classification: Public

    The complete name of a person derived from the First Name, Middle Name, and Surname. Sort Name is formatted in the following way: Surname, [comma] First Name Middle Name. This is a synonym for the term "Name Last-Name First."

    Note: Although "Sort Name" is marked public, the sort names associated with restricted persons are not. For more information, see Restricted Person.

    • Standard Field Name: sort_name
    • Descriptive Example: For example, if a person's First Name were Joshua, his Middle Name were Adam, and his Surname were McCall, then his Sort Name would be McCall, Joshua Adam.
    • Note: Sort Name is primarily used by legacy systems. Beginning in 2017, it was phased into two separate data elements: Name Last-Name-First and Name First-Name-Last.
    • Last Updated: 08/06/2021
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