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    Information Domains > Technology > Identity > Identity Glossary
    • Classification: Public

    A unique identifier used for enterprise sign-in (with a password and/or other security provisions such as two-factor authentication). Usually five-to-eight characters, beginning with a letter. May be self-selected or system-generated. Net IDs are known for being more human-readable than the other unique identifiers used at BYU.

    Note: Although "Net ID" is marked public, the Net IDs of restricted persons are not. For more information, see Restricted Person.

    • Standard Field Name: net_id
    • Descriptive Example: If my name is Jane Allison Doe, my Net ID may be something like jad95.
    • Note: Older Net IDs may be less than 5 characters long.
      With the addition of Federated Sign-On in 2017, the Net ID is no longer required for enterprise sign-in; however, it remains a valid method of doing so.
    • Last Updated: 08/12/2021
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