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    Information Domains > Academic > Academic Records > Academic Records Glossary
    • Classification: Public (This classification is pending trustee approval.)

    Classification of students regarding how many credits they have earned toward their undergraduate degree or which graduate-level program they are enrolled in. Examples include Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, etc.  BYU has designated this as directory information that it may disclose to the public without the student's written consent. (The classification, not the credit hours a student has, is "directory.") For individuals who have restricted their records, see Restricted Person. See also: Class Standing Begin

    • Standard Field Name: class_standing
    • Descriptive Example: The breakdown for undergraduates based on earned credit hours:
      0.5 to 29.9 = Freshman
      30 to 59.9 = Sophomore
      60 to 89.9 = Junior
      90 and over = Senior

      Values can also include:
      Bachelors Degree Completed
      Masters Degree
      Doctoral Degree
      Post-Bacc Studies
      Former Student
    • Last Updated: 06/26/2020
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