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    Information Domains > Academic > Academic Records > Academic Records Glossary
    • Classification: Public (This classification is pending trustee approval.)

    A designation of the setting of a class being offered.

    • Standard Field Name: section_type
    • Descriptive Example: 
      DAY = Day
      EVENING = Evening
      SALT LAKE = Salt Lake Center
      ST ABROAD = Study Abroad program
      CONF WKSHP = Conferences and Workshops
      IND STUDY = Independent Study
      JERUSALEM = BYU Jerusalem Center
      EMBA = Executive MBA program
      ONLINE = BYU Online program (starting Fall 2020, this was no longer used as a section type - BYU Online was transitioned to a class attribute)
      IDAHO = Idaho Center (not BYU-Idaho, no longer exists - former entity of Continuing Education)
      IDP = Intern Doctoral Program (formerly part of Graduate Studies)
      MISC-CE = Catch-all of various Continuing Education programs used for data conversion from USI to AIM
      NAUVOO = Nauvoo Center (no longer exists)
      SEM AWAY = Semester Away (no longer used - these were day-continuing students taking an internship with no on-campus classes - used so students would not be included in day enrollment cap)
      TRAVEL ST = Continuing Education Travel Studies (no longer used - credit awarded through Continuing Education - separate from Study Abroad)
      Prior to the deployment of AIM in 2003, section type was designated by section number.
    • Last Updated: 09/09/2020
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