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    Grade Rule ID

    Information Domains > Academic > Academic Records > Academic Records Glossary
    • Classification: Public (This classification is pending trustee approval.)

    The unique numeric ID that is assigned to each Grade Rule.

    • Standard Field Name: grade_rule
    • Descriptive Example: Standard Grade Rule (ID 1) = A B C D E I UW (UW is a grade no longer used by BYU since Fall Semester 2005 that was short for Unofficial Withdrawal)
      Pass/Fail Grade Rule (ID 2) = P E I UW
      Graded/T/Fail Grade Rule (ID 3) = A B C D E I T UW
      Pass/Fail/T Grade Rule (ID 4) = P E I UW T
      Inclusive Grade Rule (ID 5) = A B C D E I P T UW
      Old Numeric Grade Rule (ID 6) = 50 - 90 P T I
      Numeric Grade Rule (ID 7) = 1.6 - 4.0 P T
      Standard Grade Rule (ID 8) = A B C D E I
      Pass/Fail Grade Rule (ID 9) = P E I
      Graded/T/Fail Grade Rule (ID 10) = A B C D E I T
      Pass/Fail/T Grade Rule (ID 11) = P E I T
      Inclusive Grade Rule (ID 12) = A B C D E I P T

      Grade Rules 1 through 6 have been inactive since Fall Semester 2005
    • Last Updated: 09/23/2019
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