3rd Party Requests


Procedure for Responding to Requests for University Information from 3rd Parties including the Media and LDS Church Entities


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Effective Date:  22 October 2012

Last Updated:  14 April 2017

Responsible University Officer:

VP Technology/CIO


Procedure Owner:  J. Kelly Flanagan

(responsible for developing, implementing, &

   managing the procedure)


Procedure Contact:  Christine Tolman

 (First point of contact for procedure users)




Information Security and Appropriate Use Policy and Media Contact Policy


Any persons with responsibility for responding to requests for university information from 3rd parties including LDS Church entities



NOTE:  All requests for university information from the Media are to be directed to University Communications.

  1. The Information Steward, in consultation with the Information Trustee determines whether the request should be considered.  In doing so, the following should be checked:
    1. Is the requested information already available through the university YFacts?
    2. Are there existing policies or agreements in place such that the requested information is approved for sharing?
  2. If the information is neither already available nor approved for sharing, the Information Steward determines whether the requested information is classified as Public, Internal, Confidential or Highly Confidential.
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    1. If Public, the Information Steward determines if the release of the information in the form requested (e.g. Web Service, Data Mart or Data Feed) can be approved?
      1. If yes, may similar requests be expedited in the future? 
        1. If yes, the Information Steward prepares a “Standard” Terms of Use for inclusion in this and future Information Sharing Agreements for similar requests.
        2. If no, the request is handled the same as a request for Internal, Confidential or Highly Confidential information.
    2. If Internal, Confidential, or Highly Confidential, the Information Steward prepares an Data Sharing Agreement specifying the “Unique” Terms of Use.
  4. The Information Steward then forwards the Data Sharing Agreement, with terms of use specified (either Standard or Unique) to the Office of the General Counsel which will prepare a contract, attach the Data Sharing Agreement, and forward the packet to the Requester for consideration.
  5. If the Requester accepts the terms of the contract and the Data Sharing Agreement, he/she will return the signed contract and the Data Sharing Agreement, signifying acceptance of the terms, to the Office of the General Counsel.
  6. The Office of the General Counsel informs the Information Steward that the contract has been approved.
  7. The Information Steward works with the Information System Manager and/or the Information Custodian to release the authorized information to Requester.
  8. The approved Data Sharing Agreement is added to the Information Governance Repository for reference and, if applicable, to expedite future requests if “standard terms” have been approved.


The key online forms related to this procedure are:

  • Access Request Form
  • Data Sharing Agreement


There are no frequently asked questions for this procedure—yet.


  • Access to Student Records Policy
  • Access to Student Records Procedure
  • Institutional Assessment and Analysis; Information/Study Request Policy
  • Computer and Electronic Communications General Use Policy



Original Effective Date:

22 October 2012


14 April 2017