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This API is deprecated.
Any existing subscriptions to this API will still work. However, no new subscriptions can be made, and the API may become inoperational in the future without notice. If you need the information in this API, you can contact our Information Governance Director, and we will consider including this data in a University API.
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Field Business Term Classification Glossary
            byu_gpaBYU GPA
 Internal  Academic Records
            byu_idBYU ID
            country_codeCountry Code
            email_addressEmail Address
            enrollment_statusEnrollment Status
 Public  Academic Records
                        term_gpaTerm GPA
 Internal  Academic Records
                        year_termYear Term
 Public  Academic Records
            net_idNet ID
            person_idPerson ID
            phone_numberPhone Number
            postal_codePostal Code
            reg_eligibilityRegistration Eligibility
 Public  Academic Records
            reg_statusRegistration Status
 Public  Academic Records